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Stress - Feel Good Norfolk article for the Eastern Daily Press

Updated: Apr 26

This article was a contribution to an article for Stress Awareness Month, written by the Feel Good Norfolk collective.

Stress - a counsellor and psychotherapist's perspective

From a counselling perspective, there are different ways of examining stress and exploring how this is showing up in a person’s life and what change it may be calling for.

We might look at this in terms of cognitions (thoughts) and behavioural patterns and in terms of a person’s relationship to stress and the stressors in their life. We may work practically and short-term (generally set sessions of between 6 – 20 weeks) where we can look at ways of experimenting with thoughts and strategies to alleviate stress. The counselling session then becomes a protected and non-judgemental space to identify what works and find solutions.

At a deeper level, ‘stress’ can signal the invitation to heal old emotional wounds or examine

our relationship with ourselves. Many people find themselves experiencing an inner tension, hyper-vigilance or lack of easement even at times when the pressure appears to be off. In which case we can think of ‘chronic stress’ in terms of a spiritual discontentment or unprocessed psychological pain that has been locked out of conscious awareness.

Whilst this is universally part of our human experience, the causes and solutions are unique to each individual. In longer-term counselling and psychotherapy, the process is dedicated to exploring a person’s life experience at their pace and with a professional trained to create the safety that is required to repair deeply held hurt - something that’s often entirely impossible in other relationships in our life. Working with a counsellor who can receive the difficulties that are often too hard to face alone, it is very possible to find a fundamental easement in life.

If you would be interested in learning more about counselling please visit the British

Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and if you’d like to explore counselling with me please get book a 30-minute exploratory session here.

You can read the full article with contributions from fellow wellbeing service providers from across Norfolk here.

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